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How to Fix AT&T Care Code 205.4 on your SBCGlobal Email?


SBCGlobal email used to be an email service which provided its users with the best services and there were only a few glitches which the users had to face, that too were resolved quickly. Users rarely faced problems while logging in to SBCGlobal net email. But since SBglobal has merged itself with the Yahoo mail server the glitches have been increasing continuously.



Users have complained that they have been logged out of their email accounts and are getting an ATT care code: 205.4. This is new for users and many of them do not even know how to fix this, keeping that in mind we are here to help you.



Step no. 1 – Users should check the User ID, which they might have entered wrong because of which you are not able to access your email account. Ensure that the details of the User ID are filled up correctly.



Step no. 2 – Now, the next most possible reason for the occurrence of ATT care code: 205.4 can be the forgotten password or entering of the wrong password. If the users have forgotten their password they should reset it by using the verification code on their email or on their phone number and then enter it to change or reset their password.


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Source: http://emailscrunch.com